Prawn Shumai



The warm Shumai, a true delicacy, is an explosion of flavour. Artfully made with river-side prawns, served with a tangy zest and an unforgettable combination of spices to keep you wanting more.

Choose to savour our Delicious&Fresh Prawn Shumai, with water chestnuts that give a crunchy texture and a taste of authentic Japanese culture.


Storage Condition – Keep Frozen at -18°C.


Prawn, refined flour, fish, tapioca, soy, crab, water chestnut, mushroom, vegetable oil, water, corn starch, sugar, egg, coriander, sesame oil, ginger, salt, garlic, onion, yeast extract, white pepper, carmine (E120), Paprika (E160c), color (E102).



  • Gluten

  • Egg

  • Crab

  • Soya

  • Prawn

  • Sesame

  • Fish

Heating Instructions:
Steam the frozen product at 100° C for 5-6 minutes. Enjoy as is after steaming.

For a crispy exterior, place a non- stick pan with oil. Heat the oil till hot and pan fry the Prawn Shumai for the recommended time to achieve a crisp golden exterior.

Turn them over occasionally until it is golden brown on all sides.
Once cooked, place it onto a paper towel to soak any residue and the Prawn Shumai’s are ready to be served.